Orthopaedic camp

Last month we had two teams of doctors and nurses for an orthopaedic ‘camp’ at the hospital. A team of around ten people came from Switzerland. Their team leader is a radiologist who has been coming to the hospital once or twice a year with colleagues for the past seven years. It sounds like she’s … More Orthopaedic camp

Easter in Bwindi

Easter was only about six weeks ago but it seems like much longer than that – a lot has happened in the past month! Like Christmas, we started the Easter celebrations early with a hospital church service and party the Sunday before Easter. We had choir practice every night of the week leading up to … More Easter in Bwindi

Church youth outreach

We’ve recently finished a new cycle of the church youth outreach that I mentioned in a previous blog post. Over the school holidays in December and January we visited a different church each Sunday in the hospital catchment area. It was interesting to attend different churches. The hospital Sunday service is mostly in English and … More Church youth outreach


In February four friends came to visit. I wrote this blog post ages ago but didn’t realise I hadn’t shared it. It might not be very interesting to you unless you’re planning a trip to south west Uganda so feel free to skip this if you’re not! It was so lovely to spend time with … More Holidays

Money and Healthcare

I’ve realised I haven’t written much about my work on the wards in my blog posts. I’m conscious that this blog is on the internet, readable by anyone (not that I’m under the illusion that millions of people are following my blog and it’s going to go viral!) so it’s difficult to write about the … More Money and Healthcare

Vaginal leeches?!

A few weeks ago we went for a walk across the forest on a Sunday afternoon. A big group of hospital staff and students went. We had some guides from the Ugandan wildlife authority as you can’t walk in the forest without them. They are very knowledgeable and told us lots about the trees and … More Vaginal leeches?!