Lions fundraising

I have helped to lead a teenage youth group ‘Lions’ for the past 8 or 9 years at St Marks, the church I attend in Sheffield. I really love doing this and am trying to keep in touch with them while I’m away. The youth group has decided to raise money for three projects that … More Lions fundraising


I accidentally planned a pretty strenuous week for Briony…I had thought that the Batwa experience would perhaps be a gentle hillside stroll instead of the steep incline in the hot sun so planned for us to go on a two day hike the day after. We collected some escorts and porters from the national park … More Nkuringo

Batwa experience

My friend Briony has come to visit for a week. We did the DTM+H together in Liverpool 4 years ago and have stayed in touch since. She’s currently working in Malawi so came for a short holiday in Uganda. On Sunday we did the ‘Batwa Experience’. This is run by the Batwa Development Programme (BDP) … More Batwa experience