Christmas in Bwindi

Christmas started early at BCH because the community nurse team go on their months annual leave in December so have their Christmas party at the end of November. There was a thanksgiving at the hospital church in the morning for the community team and for a friend’s baby. Thanksgivings aren’t common in any churches I’ve … More Christmas in Bwindi

Meeting the Minister for Africa and other Kampala adventures

In October Merlin, a GP from Oxford, came to Bwindi to work on a research project that is part of the U-SHAPE work. This is looking at barriers to post partum contraception and trying to find ways to improve uptake. He spent a week in Kampala before coming to Bwindi and arranged lots of meetings … More Meeting the Minister for Africa and other Kampala adventures


Earlier this month I was lucky enough to experience my second Ugandan wedding as Hope, one of the nurses at the hospital, got married. During my first week here I attended part of the wedding of one of the clinical officers at the hospital but only went to an hour or two as it was … More Weddings


Last month Sarah (the family planning nurse here) and I went to Kisiizi hospital to help run a USHAPE course there. Kisizii is our nearest Church of Uganda hospital but is much older, it was founded in 1958 whereas BCH was founded in 2002. It’s fairly close to us but the roads are pretty bad … More Kisiizi